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Based in Ashland, KY, we provide security solutions to protect your business assets and your employees.

Home Incarceration Program

A state of the art alternative to traditional home arrest programs. We use cutting-edge technology to track and monitor offenders on home incarceration...

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Uniformed Security Services

BWH is the go-to resource for armed/unarmed manned security solutions for coal terminals, power plants, trucking companies, rail yards and many other industrial outlets...

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24/7 Offender GPS Monitoring

This incredible technology allows us to continuously track offender geographical locations and instantly take any reporting actions and notify all necessary parties...

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BWH SECURITY FACTS- Maintaining your safety.

THE POWER OF GEOFENCING– Excellent in domestic violence situations.

Specific boundaries can be programmed utilizing GPS to set inclusion and exclusion zones of an offender's domain. An immediate alert is delivered via text, phone and email to all involved parties, including our monitoring facility.

BWH Security is setting local standards in Remote Offender Supervision with this incredible technology.

A robust integration of tracking, communication and mapping technologies that enable offender tracking, indoors and out, at varying levels of intensity. This system also serves as a curfew monitoring system and will report on technical events or violations of schedule restrictions.