Home Incarceration

BWH Home Incarceration Program is a state of the art alternative to traditional home arrest programs.

We use cutting-edge technology to track and monitor inmates on home incarceration. Using AGPS technology, we are able to provide real-time, accurate tracking and monitoring.

The municipalities that we contract with take advantage of our program because it is a much more affordable alternative to jail sentencing, while still placing the inmate in a controlled, monitored incarceration.

Offenders are monitored by an ankle bracelet equipped with a state of the art global position satellite (GPS) monitor. The ankle bracelet monitors the offender's position even when he/she is outside of the satellite range. Upon entrance to the program, offenders are assigned a caseworker that helps him or her develop a weekly schedule.

The offender is held accountable for following the mandated schedule and other conditions of release as stipulated by the court or the program caseworker. The offender’s inability to abide by program requirements will result in his termination from the program.