Home Incarceration

The idea for BWH Security, LLC was born out of the recognized need for businesses to conduct operations in a safe, secure environment, at an affordable price. The owners of BWH have police, deputy, and military police (MP) experience. With all the real-life experience, BWH understands first-hand how important safety and security is to a business and it's employees.

We are locally owned and operated here in Eastern Kentucky and our primary service area is the tri-state. When a client has an issue, they have the ability to speak with with an owner of the company directly. We want to reiterate that we are focused on making the area we live in safer and saving the local municipalities money. We pride ourselves in hiring local law enforcement officers who are familiar with the offenders they may be dealing with.

BWH Security is proud to share that we have around a 5% recidivism rate. On top of all the other benefits, our program is meant to rehabilitate the inmates and allow them to grow towards becoming productive members of society while still being placed in a structured incarceration. We work closely with local counseling services to provide the inmates with counseling they may need.